Game engineering for game terminals

To bet on development has a promising future?

Up to the point of the presentation of games for game terminals to a broad public, many processing steps must be passed through. To ensure the high quality of the product, nothing is left to chance.

Mathematics: Developing games and 3 D graphics for game terminals do not work without a solid mathematical base. Hard to believe, it’s grounded on high science.

Game design: The directors among the game producers are called game designer. They determine elements, attractions and plot of the game.

Programming: To get the game working, you need a programmer. Game engines, coding language, developing special tools fall within his scope. It’s all double Dutch to us!

Graphics: The graphic designer knows how to transform plot into attracting graphics. What about hot curves, little sweethearts or stunning action? Graphic designers can do it!

Game logics: Due to the work of the game authors games come to life and their plot follows a strict logic.

Sound: The background music is always adapted to plot, graphics and dynamics of the game. Some classic sounds have become a legend. A sound designer produces appealing sound effects.

Bonus game: A bonus game is a special feature. The player runs the chance to maximize his profit and to reach a bonus round.

3, 4 or 5 rolls: A different number of rolls gives a variety to the game. We offer a product line-up with three, four or five rolls.

Development online casino and gaming

Are you mobile?

Of course, we are not only keeping up with the times but we are ahead of the game! Today game terminals are in great demand not only in real but also in virtual life. We develop online casinos and online games: Thrilling entertainment with three, four or five rolls - on the way or at home. It’s that simple!

Innovative 3 D screens for game terminals

Who needs additional glasses, anyway?

We are experts in advanced display technology. We have already achieved great success on international markets, because our 3D solution provides a revolutionary sense of space and is therefore covering a very broad range of applications – eminently suitable for game terminals. The excellent brilliance of the image and its high brightness with simultaneous consideration of maximum energy efficiency and a realistic three-dimensional effect is quite futuristic. Our innovation can be used without any auxiliary visual equipment. Additional glasses are not required in order to experience the third dimension. Our product can be used like a standard screen.